Drachenwald Order of Precedence

Sven Gunnarsson

also known as Sven Gunnarsson of Fjathrundaland

lately of Nordmark
whose modern name is on file
bearing arms of Argent, an armorer's anvil sable and a chief embattled gules
Name Award Date Crown Event
Sven Gunnarsson Award of Arms 1990-08-11 Karl and Bettina -
Sven Gunnarsson Panache, Order of the 1991-04-13 Cian and Catherine Coronet Tournament
Sven Gunnarsson Vita portens Väktare (White Portal) 1991-05-11 Nordmark -
Sven Gunnarsson Silver Guard, Order of the 1991-08-13 Morgan and Alienor Pennsic War
Sven Gunnarsson LjusOrden (Light) 1992-00-00 Nordmark -
Sven Gunnarsson Knighthood 1993-10-30 Elffin and Vanna Eriksgata, Fiathrundaland
Sven Gunnarsson Patent of Arms 1993-10-30 Elffin and Vanna Eriksgata, Fiathrundaland
Sven Gunnarsson Lindquistringes, Orden des 1994-06-18 Wlfric and Eira Midsummer Coronation
Sven Gunnarsson County 1999-01-09 Prothall and Cecilia Coronation Prothall and Cecilia 1st Court, Unikankare
Sven Gunnarsson Laurel, Order of the 1999-05-15 Prothall and Cecilia Double Wars VII
Sven Gunnarsson Duchy 2006-06-17 Michael and Moira Coronation
Sven Gunnarsson Styraran 2008-12-13 Styringheim -
Sven Gunnarsson Gyllene Bandets Orden (Golden Ribbon) 2009-02-21 Nordmark Nordmark University, Styringheim
Sven Gunnarsson Pelican, Order of the 2010-05-15 Thorvaldr and Fiona Double Wars XXIII
Sven Gunnarsson Viscounty 2015-03-07 Nordmark St. Egon's Feast
Sven Gunnarsson Popular Company of Sojourners (PCS) 2015-05-14 Makarius and Izabella Double Wars
Sven Gunnarsson Esprit de Corps 2017-02-25 Atenveldt Estrella War
Sven Gunnarsson Hospitallers of Albion 2019-08-31 Vitus and Isabel Aros Fencing Camp