Drachenwald Order of Precedence

Richart von Brandenburg

also known as Martin von Vrankenvorde

lately of Frankmark
whose modern name is on file
bearing arms of Or, an eagle gules within an orle, on a chief embattled sable three pairs of swords inverted in saltire Or
Name Award Date Crown Event
Martin von Vrankenvorde Award of Arms 2010-07-10 UlfR and Caoimhe Revel in a Castle - Academia della Danza
Richart von Brandenburg Silver Guard, Order of the 2014-09-27 Lief and Morrigan Dies St. Mauritii
Richart von Brandenburg Lindquistringes, Orden des 2015-07-25 ThorvaldR and Tomoe Nibelungen Krieg
Richart von Brandenburg Alae, Ordo 2017-11-11 Siridean and Jahanara Kingdom University
Richart von Brandenburg Court Barony 2018-10-13 Vitus and Isabel Autumn Crown Tournament