Drachenwald Order of Precedence
I have not given
Post Horn my

Oriana nic Kendrick

also known as Amber Grimwald, Amber of Polderslot, Oriana Gwyneth McKendrick

whose modern name is on file
Name Award Date Crown Event
Oriana Gwyneth McKendrick Golden Calon Swan, Order of the 1984-10-20 Calontir
Oriana Gwyneth McKendrick Torse, Order of the 1991-05-18 Calontir
Oriana nic Kendrick Panache, Order of the 2019-08-09 Vitus and Isabel Raglan Fair
Oriana nic Kendrick Silver Martlet, Order of the 2019-08-09 Insulae Draconis Raglan Fair
Amber of Polderslot Award of Arms 2019-09-07 Vitus and Isabel Oogstfest
Amber Grimwald Dragon's Tear, Award of the 2020-02-15 Æiríkr and Jacquelyna Young Love