Drachenwald Order of Precedence

Mary verch Thomas

also known as Mary Verch Thomas

lately of Insulae Draconis
whose modern name is on file
bearing arms of Argent, a chevron inverted cotised purpure
Name Award Date Crown Event
Mary verch Thomas Award of Arms 2003-11-29 Marcus and Anna Viceroy Tournament, Pont Alarch
Mary Verch Thomas Court Barony 2005-04-23 Padraig and Elsa Fourth Viceroy Tourney, Mynydd Gwyn, Insulae Draconis
Mary Verch Thomas Lindquistringes, Orden des 2006-04-08 Sven and Thora Crown Tournament
Mary Verch Thomas Ffraid, Order of 2006-08-05 Insulae Draconis Champions of Lough Devnaree III
Mary Verch Thomas Grant of Arms 2008-06-28 Sven and Jovi Summer Coronation
Mary Verch Thomas Sun and Chalice, Order of the 2008-12-13 Insulae Draconis Yule Ball
Mary Verch Thomas Silver Martlet, Order of the 2009-07-18 Insulae Draconis Battle of Brothers, Flintheath
Mary Verch Thomas Patent of Arms 2010-01-09 Gerhardt and Judith Coronation, Flintheath
Mary Verch Thomas Pelican, Order of the 2010-01-09 Gerhardt and Judith Coronation, Flintheath
Mary Verch Thomas Panache, Order of the 2012-01-07 Lief and Morrigan 12th Night Coronation, Knight's Crossing
Mary Verch Thomas Robin, Order of 2013-02-02 Insulae Draconis Insulae Draconis Investiture, Deepdene Under Wychwood
Mary Verch Thomas Laurel, Order of the 2017-08-12 Siridean and Jahanara Raglan Fair