Drachenwald Order of Precedence
I have not given
Post Horn my

Estrid of Nordmark

also known as Edela Salten-Sebestid, Estrid Salten-Sebestid

lately of Nordmark
whose modern name is on file
Name Award Date Crown Event
Edela Salten-Sebestid Panache, Order of the 1987-01-10 - Twelfth Night Investiture
Edela Salten-Sebestid Lindquistringes, Orden des 1989-01-07 - Twelfth Night Investiture
Estrid Salten-Sebestid Gyllene Bandets Orden (Golden Ribbon) 1989-11-11 Nordmark -
Edela Salten-Sebestid Grant of Arms 1990-01-06 - Twelfth Night Investiture
Edela Salten-Sebestid Courtesy, Princess' Order of 1992-01-04 Alienor Twelfth Night Investiture
Edela Salten-Sebestid Albion, King's Order of the Companions of 1993-05-21 Karl Double Wars
Edela Salten-Sebestid Court Barony 1993-11-13 Elffin and Vanna Founding Baroness Nordmark, MÃ¥rtensfesten - Nordmark
Estrid Salten-Sebestid Carneol of Nordmark 2008-08-06 Nordmark Wisby Medieval week
Estrid Salten-Sebestid Sigillum Coronae - Queen 2009-06-20 Cecilia Coronation, Holmrike
Estrid Salten-Sebestid Nordmark Malachite 2010-03-13 Nordmark Nordmark Coronet at Winter Games
Estrid Salten-Sebestid Salladins Ring 2010-10-02 Nordmark Civil War