Drachenwald Order of Precedence

Elen Benet

lately of Insulae Draconis
whose modern name is on file
bearing arms of Argent, three cinquefoils pierced within a double tressure azure
Name Award Date Crown Event
Elen Benet Award of Arms 2004-02-08 Lochac Canterbury Faire
Elen Benet Star and Lily 2006-02-04 Lochac Canterbury Faire
Elen Benet Prometheus 2006-06-24 Lochac Stormhold Baronial Investiture & Tavern Dance
Elen Benet Ffraid, Order of 2015-01-31 Insulae Draconis Dance Moot
Elen Benet Silver Martlet, Order of the 2017-02-04 Insulae Draconis Dance Moot XIV
Elen Benet Lindquistringes, Orden des 2017-02-18 William and Isabetta Coronet of Love
Elen Benet Panache, Order of the 2017-11-18 Siridean and Jahanara Insulae Draconis Coronet