Drachenwald Order of Precedence

Duncan Kerr

lately of Insulae Draconis
whose modern name is on file
bearing arms of Gules, three cinquefoils pierced within an orle Or
Name Award Date Crown Event
Duncan Kerr Dolphin of Caid, Order of the 1996-03-22 Caid -
Duncan Kerr Legion of Courtesy 2002-03-23 Caid -
Duncan Kerr Crescent, Order of the 2003-02-09 Caid -
Duncan Kerr Golden Tear 2004-02-08 Lochac -
Duncan Kerr Ffraid, Order of 2013-08-15 Insulae Draconis Raglan Faire 9
Duncan Kerr Lindquistringes, Orden des 2014-06-14 Prothall and Cecilia Coronation, Depedene under Wychwood
Duncan Kerr Dragon's Tear, Award of the 2015-04-18 Makarius and Izabella Known World Dance Symposium
Duncan Kerr Grant of Arms 2016-03-05 Vitus and Isabel Collegium of Defence
Duncan Kerr Fox, Order of the 2017-02-14 Insulae Draconis Dance Moot XIV
Duncan Kerr Courtesy, Queen's Order of 2017-06-17 Isabetta Summer Coronation
Duncan Kerr Patent of Arms 2017-11-11 Siridean and Jahanara Kingdom University
Duncan Kerr Pelican, Order of the 2017-11-11 Siridean and Jahanara Kingdom University
Duncan Kerr Silver Martlet, Order of the 2018-04-07 Insulae Draconis Crown Tournament
Duncan Kerr Silver Guard, Order of the 2018-06-22 Lief and Morrigan Summer Coronation
Duncan Kerr Sun and Chalice, Order of the 2019-05-11 Insulae Draconis Coronet of Fools
Duncan Kerr Panache, Order of the 2019-08-07 Vitus and Isabel Raglan Fair