Drachenwald Order of Precedence

Dorothea Weberin

also known as Dorothea Weber, Myfanwy, Myfanwy Branwen ap Dindyrn, Raven Branwyn Rhiannon

lately of Aarnimetsä
whose modern name is on file
bearing arms of Gules, a raven close contourny argent and a bordure ermine
Name Award Date Crown Event
Myfanwy Branwen ap Dindyrn Award of Arms 1996-05-18 Garick and Talitha Double Wars IV
Myfanwy Branwen ap Dindyrn LjusOrden (Light) 1996-11-02 Nordmark Viceroy Tourney
Myfanwy Branwen ap Dindyrn Panache, Order of the 1997-01-04 Edouard and Eanor Coronation last Court
Myfanwy Branwen ap Dindyrn Gyllene Bandets Orden (Golden Ribbon) 1997-06-21 Nordmark Boar Hunt
Myfanwy Branwen ap Dindyrn Courtesy, Queen's Order of 1998-03-21 Anna Crown Tournament
Myfanwy Branwen ap Dindyrn Albion, King's Order of the Companions of 1999-10-09 Matthew Crown Tournament, Attemark
Myfanwy Branwen ap Dindyrn Popular Company of Sojourners (PCS) 1999-10-09 Matthew and Anna Crown Tournament, Attemark
Dorothea Weber Court Barony 2006-06-17 Michael and Moira Coronation
Dorothea Weber Grant of Arms 2006-06-17 Michael and Moira Coronation
Dorothea Weberin Silver Guard, Order of the 2008-03-01 Sven and Jovi Wintergames
Dorothea Weberin Fox, Order of the 2008-04-19 Insulae Draconis Feast of Flowers
Dorothea Weberin Nordmarks Sparre 2009-06-20 Nordmark Coronation, Holmrike
Dorothea Weberin Knighthood 2010-10-02 UlfR and Caoimhe Civil War
Dorothea Weberin Patent of Arms 2010-10-02 UlfR and Caoimhe Civil War