The arms of Drachenwald

Sending your arms to 
Post Horn Herald
 for inclusion and display in the 
Order of Precedence database

Current and former residents of Drachenwald: If you have registered arms and want them to appear in the Drachenwald OP, send a copy to the Post Horn Herald.

Your image MUST meet the following requirements:

If you have NOT yet registered your arms, please contact your local herald. You can read and download the submission forms here. 

Please e-mail the GIF of your arms to the with your SCA name, modern name, and the following statement: I own the rights to the artwork attached, and I give my unreserved permission for it to be displayed on the Kingdom of Drachenwald OP web pages in conjunction with my SCA name.

Within a few days (but no more than two weeks) your arms will appear with your SCA name in the OP.

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