The arms of Guntram von Wolkenstein

Drachenwald Order of Precedence

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Guntram von Wolkenstein

The arms of Drachenwald
The arms of
Guntram von Wolkenstein

Former SCA Name(s):   Modern name on file?   Yes   Region:  Outer
Blazon of Guntram von Wolkenstein's heraldry:
Per pale sable and Or, a cinquefoil counterchanged
Award Crown (who gave award) Date Award was given Given at Event
Award of Arms Peregrine and Alessandra Melusine 2001-03-17 Crown Tourney - Aarnimetsä
Panache Matthew and Alienor 2003-06-20 Drachenwald Ten Year Celebration
Lindquistringes Marcus and Anna 2003-12-06 Adamastor Yule Feast
Laurel John and Honor 2005-01-08 Coronation - Last Court, Aarnimetsä
Sigillum Coronae - Queen Caoimhe 2010-11-06 Here Be Dragons
Court Barony Vitus and Isabel 2016-05-07 Double Wars
Silver Guard William and Isabetta 2017-04-29 Here Be Dragons

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