The arms of Dubheasa ní Chéirín

Drachenwald Order of Precedence

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Dubheasa ní Chéirín

The arms of Drachenwald
The arms of
Dubheasa ní Chéirín

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Blazon of Dubheasa ní Chéirín's heraldry:
Gules, on a chevron doubly cotissed Or three frets conjoined Azure
Award Crown (who gave award) Date Award was given Given at Event
Panache Giles and EzaBella 2003-01-04 Twelfth Night Coronation, Last Court, Campofiamme
Lindquistringes John and Honor 2004-10-16 Crown Tourney, West Dragonshire, Insulae Draconis
PCS Sven and Thora 2006-05-27 Double Wars

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