The arms of Bevin Fraser of Stirling

Drachenwald Order of Precedence

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Bevin Fraser of Stirling

The arms of Drachenwald
The arms of
Bevin Fraser of Stirling

Former SCA Name(s):   Modern name on file?   Yes   Region:  Insulae Draconis
Blazon of Bevin Fraser of Stirling's heraldry:
Vert, three fraises Or, pierced vert, on a chief Or a rose gules barbed and seeded proper
Award Crown (who gave award) Date Award was given Given at Event
Seraphic Star West (Barony of Angels, Caid) 1973-01-12 -
Award of Arms West 1973-05-05 - (West)
Leaf of Merit West 1974-01-05 - (West)
Grant of Arms West 1974-05-01 - (West)
Pelican West 1974-05-05 - (West)
Laurel West 1975-08-02 - (West)
Viscounty Caid 1976-11-20 - (Caid, West)
Legion of Courtesy Caid 1977-08-00 - (Caid)
County West 1978-08-19 - (West)
Order of the Rose West 1978-08-19 - (West)
Signum Reginae Caid 1979-11-18 - (Caid - Arianyn)
Dolphin of Caid Caid 1980-04-19 - (Caid)
Signum Reginae Caid 1982-11-20 - (Caid - Natalya)

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