The arms of Aurora of Winter

Drachenwald Order of Precedence

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Aurora of Winter

The arms of Drachenwald
The arms of
Aurora of Winter

Former SCA Name(s):   Modern name on file?   Yes   Region:  Aarnimetsä
Blazon of Aurora of Winter's heraldry:
Per pale azure and gules, an angel between in fess two fleurs-de-lis Or
Award Crown (who gave award) Date Award was given Given at Event
Award of Arms Matthew and Anna 1998-04-18 Kingdom A&S, Aarmimetsä
Hopeisen solmun ritarikunta Aarnimetsä 1999-01-09 Coronation of Prothall and Cecilia, last Court, Unikankare
Panache Peregrine and Alessandra Melusine 2001-02-10 Midwinter Feast - Unikankare

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