The arms of Alaric of Bangor

Drachenwald Order of Precedence

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Alaric of Bangor

The arms of Drachenwald
The arms of
Alaric of Bangor

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Blazon of Alaric of Bangor's heraldry:
Award Crown (who gave award) Date Award was given Given at Event
Leaf of Merit West 1992-05-09
PrinceĀ“s Cypher West 1994-09-03
Viscounty West 1997-01-11
Patent of Arms Lochac 1997-08-23
Knighthood Lochac 1997-08-23
Legion of Courtesy Caid 1998-11-07
Silver Tear Lochac 2000-08-12
Lily Lochac 2001-07-28
Golden Tear Lochac 2002-09-14
Award of Arms Lochac 2003-03-15
County Lochac 2004-01-03
Golden Lilly Lochac 2004-03-06
Duchy Sven and Jovi 2008-01-05 Twelfth Night Coronation
Order of the Sun and Chalice Insulae Draconis 2008-11-08 Kingdom University, West Dragonshire
Order of the Fox Insulae Draconis 2009-02-14 Feast of St. Ethelburga
Silver Guard Gerhardt and Judith 2009-08-22 Rhaglan Ffair
Order of the Silver Martlet Insulae Draconis 2009-08-22 Rhaglan Ffair
Grant of Arms Thorvaldr and Fiona 2010-02-20 First ID Coronet, Thamesreach
Court Barony Thorvaldr and Fiona 2010-02-20 First ID Coronet, Thamesreach
Laurel UlfR and Caoimhe 2010-12-04 Yule Ball
Order of Ffraid Insulae Draconis 2012-03-30 Crown Tournament, Depedene-Under-Wychwood
Order of Robin Insulae Draconis 2012-08-12 Raglan Fair
Panache Paul and Aryanhwy 2012-08-18 Raglan Fair
PCS Thorvaldr and Tofa 2013-02-01 Insulae Draconis Investiture, Deepdene Under Wychwood

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