The arms of Jon Knutsson ór Finnmǫrk

Drachenwald Order of Precedence

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Jon Knutsson ór Finnmǫrk

The arms of Drachenwald
The arms of
Jon Knutsson ór Finnmǫrk

Former SCA Name(s): Jon Knutson   Modern name on file?   Yes   Region:  Aarnimetsä
Blazon of Jon Knutsson ór Finnmǫrk's heraldry:
Gules, a reindeer's attire and a chief urdy argent
Award Crown (who gave award) Date Award was given Given at Event
Purppura virvaliekki (Purple) Aarnimetsä 2005-12-10 Dies St. Anna
Award of Arms Lief and Morrigan 2011-09-24 Aarnimetsä Baronial Investiture
Sininen virvaliekki (Blue) Aarnimetsä 2013-12-07 Dies St. Anna
Kultainen mehiläinen (Golden Bee) Aarnimetsä 2014-07-16 Cudgel War
Punainen virvaliekki (Red) Aarnimetsä 2014-07-16 Cudgel War
Lindquistringes Lief and Morrigan 2014-07-19 Cudgel War XII
Keltainen virvaliekki (Yellow) Aarnimetsä 2015-09-11 Baronial Investiture of Aarnimetsä
Silver Guard Vitus and Isabel 2016-04-28 Flaming Arrow
Rautahirven ritarikunta Aarnimetsä 2017-08-26 Aarnimetsä Investiture

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