Drachenwald Order of Precedence

Eularia Trewe

late of Insulae Draconis
whose modern name is on file
bearing arms of Argent, two chevronels purpure and overall a crow contourny sable
Name Award Date Crown Event
Eularia Trewe Award of Arms 2003-01-26 East -
Eularia Trewe Burdened Tyger, Order of the 2006-01-14 East -
Eularia Trewe Grant of Arms 2006-09-09 East -
Eularia Trewe Burdened Tyger, Order of the 2008-07-05 East -
Eularia Trewe Queen's Order of Courtesy 2008-07-05 East -
Eularia Trewe Silver Crescent, Order of the 2008-11-22 East -
Eularia Trewe Patent of Arms 2011-03-26 East
Eularia Trewe Pelican, Order of the 2011-03-26 East -
Eularia Trewe Viscounty 2016-05-28 Insulae Draconis Coronet Tournament
Eularia Trewe Courtesy, Queen's Order of 2017-12-02 Jahanara Yule Ball
Eularia Trewe Lindquistringes, Orden des 2019-08-09 Vitus and Isabel Raglan Fair
Eularia Trewe Robin, Order of 2019-10-19 Insulae Draconis Crown Tournament