Drachenwald Order of Precedence

Bertrade Deslapins

also known as Bertrade des Lapins

late of Aarnimetsä
whose modern name is on file
bearing arms of Or, two ragged staves in saltire sable
Name Award Date Crown Event
Bertrade des Lapins Purppura virvaliekki (Purple) 1998-08-29 Aarnimetsä Food Fight, Salpakallio
Bertrade des Lapins Award of Arms 1999-01-09 Sven and Thora Coronation last Court, Unikankare
Bertrade des Lapins Harmaa virvaliekki (Grey) 2000-07-08 Aarnimetsä Aarnimetsä Tent Camp
Bertrade des Lapins Kultainen mehiläinen (Golden Bee) 2006-01-14 Aarnimetsä Winter Eve