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Frequently Asked Questions about the 
Drachenwald Order of Precedence


Created October 22, 2003. Update 30 March 2005 

There are a great many questions about the Order of Precedence. This page is meant to answer some of the more common questions and tell about some of the lesser known features of our Order of Precedence.

What is the goal of the Order of Precedence?
Our goal is an accurate and complete list of awards for members of the kingdom of Drachenwald (while they are living in Drachenwald). Accurate means that every detail of every entry is correct. Complete means that every person who should be on the OP is there.  Although we do provide a listing of the Order of Precedence (meaning an ordered list of who outranks whom), it is important to understand that it is only minimally useful due to  the large transient population of the kingdom (meaning people who live here for a while and then move on).   Gentles who do not have an armigerous award will not show up on the listing of the Order of Precedence, even though their other awards are in the database, because non-armigerous awards do not have any precedence. For information on understanding what various ranks mean when talking about precedence, please read the article on Title, Precedence, Forms of Address, and Regalia

Who should be on the OP?
Any person living in Drachenwald who has received any armigerous award from any SCA branch in the Knowne World or who has received kingdom, baronial, or principality awards within Drachenwald.  Gentles who move into the kingdom should submit their details to the Posthorn Pursuivant so they can be added to the OP database. 

What awards go on the OP?
All Drachenwald awards, including awards from baronies and principalities in the kingdom, along with any armigerous award given by any SCA branch in the Knowne World.

Can you list all of the information you need about me and my awards?
Certainly! Here's the ideal list:

Why is my modern name not shown with my SCA name (and vice versa)?
Unless we have someone's express permission (like we do for officer listings), SCA corporate policy for web pages specifically prohibits the connection of a person's SCA name with their modern name, and it isn't worth the hassle of trying to keep permissions for all the OP names.  Although you can query on either name, the two names are not connected in any fashion displayed by one of the queries.   We like to have both SCA names and modern names in the database because some people only know one of your names.  

My listing is wrong! What can I do?
Lots of things!
First you can follow this link: Drachenwald OP Corrections Page. There is a form that you can fill out which will be sent directly to the Posthorn Pursuivant (who is the herald responsible for the OP).

Secondly, you can also contact the Posthorn Pursuivant directly.  The Posthorn is happy to help you!
Simply choose the method that is easiest for you!

How long will I have to wait until the OP is updated?
You should receive a reply within a week. In that reply, you will be either told that it is done, asked for more information, or told the time frame for processing.

What name should I use for the OP? Does it have to be my formal name or can I use the one that everyone knows me by?
The Drachenwald OP allows the use of multiple names.  If you have an alternate name, or received awards under different names, we can track those multiple names and link them all to your record.  Be sure to tell us about any alternate names you have!

Other people have an image of their arms in the OP, how I get my arms displayed in the OP?
The Drachenwald OP provides the option for gentles to display their registered arms.  Details for submitting arms can be found here. 

What if I resign an award?
That's unfortunate, but if that is the case, simply report it to us. Awards that are resigned will be deleted from the database.

None of the forms seem to fit what I need. What do I do?
Send the Posthorn Pursuivant an e-mail at

How many people and awards are in the OP?
As of October, 2003, there are 1,715 different people who have received 4,053 different awards in the Drachenwald OP.

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