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Order of Precedence information correction


This form can be used for submitting corrections to the Drachenwald OP.

Fields marked in bold are mandatory. This form is just one way of sending corrections.  If you feel uncomfortable sending corrections this way, please feel free to send an e-mail to the Posthorn Pursuivant.

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Name Correction

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Is this a NEW name or just a spelling correction for an existing name?
(If a new name, then the previous SCA name will be 
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Region Correction

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Regions are: 

 - Nordmark (Sweden)
 - Aarnimetsä (Finland and Estonia)
 - Insulae Draconis (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Iceland)
 - Frankmark (Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Switzerland)
 - Outer (Greece, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, and any others)

Modern Name submission/correction

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  New Name submission (because it's not in the databse)
  Name change (due to marriage, etc) 
  Spelling Correction 

Award Correction / Submission

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