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SCA awards
Award of Arms
Augmentation of Arms
Grant of Arms
Court Barony
Order of the Rose (former Royal Consorts) 
Knight (only)
Master of Arms (only)
Chivalry (Knights and Masters of Arms)
Order of Defense
All bestowed peerages (Chivalry, Laurels, Pelicans and Defense)
All Royal peerages (Duchies, Counties, and Viscounties)


Drachenwald awards
PCS (Principality/Popular Company of Sojourners)
Dragon's Bowle
Dragon's Jewel
Silver Guard
Dragon's Steel
Arts and Sciences
Martial Arts
Albion, King's (or Prince's) Order of Companions of 
Queen's (or Princess's) Order of Courtesy 
Sigillum Coronae (King's, Queen's, or Joint)
Dragon's Tear
Dragon's Pride
Edelweiss (or Marguerite)
Hospitallers of Albion

Insulae Draconis awards
Order of Ffraid
Order of the Sun and Chalice
Order of the Fox
Order of the Silver Martlet
Order of Robin
Scroll of Honour

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