This form will allow you to search the Order of Precedence (OP) by SCA names.  It checks award records for the current SCA name, and looks for any award records for previously used SCA names.  If the search finds more than one name matching what you enter, it will present a list of matching SCA name records, and let you choose the person who award records you would like to see.  

NOTE: If you don't find the person you are looking for, but they are in the Drachenwald OP the problem is that they are currently listed as being in a different region (not Insulae Draconis)...  Contact the Posthorn Herald to make the change.

 SCA Name (As close as you know)
If more than one record matches, you will be given a choice of the records.

Match uppercase and   
lowercase (in the search)?  


If you want to find everything that starts with a particular sequence of letters, then put the ^ symbol at the beginning (as the first character) and then the letters you want to search for.  Example, if you want all the listing for the first name 'Thomas' but don't want listing with a last name of 'Thomas' then put ^Thomas

If you are looking for a name that has special characters, and don't have a keyboard that has them, one method to get those special characters is to use an ALT-key sequence (with a US version of Windows).  You hold down the ALT key while typing the four number sequence.

Æ  ALT-0198   æ  ALT-0230
Ä  ALT-0196   ä  ALT-0228
Å  ALT-0197   å  ALT-0229
Ë  ALT-0203   é  ALT-0233
Ö  ALT-0214   ö  ALT-0246
Ø  ALT-0216   ø  ALT-0248
Ü  ALT-0220   ü  ALT-0252

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