Search the Insulae Draconis OP database for a true Order of Precedence

This form will allow you to search the Insulae Draconis OP for a true Order of Precedence listing of certain ranks and above.   If you don't have an armigerous award, then although your award is in the OP database, you won't be listed in the Order of Precedence since non-armigerous awards have no precedence.

Through what rank do you wish to produce an OP ?

Duchy only
County and above
Viscounty and above (Royal Peers)
Bestowed peerages and above (all peers)
Court Barony and above
GoA awards and above
Plain GoAs and above
AoA awards and above
Plain AoAs and above
Everyone in Insulae Draconis (Warning:... this is a LONG search!)
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