This form will allow you to search the Order of Precedence (OP) by modern name.  It checks for both first and last name.  If you are unsure of the complete name and only know one (first or last), you can enter that.  If it finds more than one match, you will be given a list of matching names, and you can choose the one you want.  However, there will be no displayed connection to an SCA name.  

If you are searching for your name, and the search does not find it, your modern name is not in the database.  If you find your name and their are mistakes or your record is incomplete, please let us know.  Please send a note (using the form provided) to the Posthorn Pursuivant to update and correct the records.  

Modern Name
(spelling is important, because they must match EXACTLY. So, type what parts you know (even if only the first few letters) and let it search for you)

Last Name
First Name


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